• Attraction & Selection

Strategic business plans most times culminate in HR planning and it is supported by a recruitment plan. We combine traditional methods and modern technology in attracting, screening/ identifying, evaluating and deciding through interviews/ tests job candidates to refer to our client for engagement. We provide them with options.

  • Outsourcing:

We provide staff to organizations to handle those non-core functions and enable them focus on their core competencies. This is cost effective, time saving and of utmost benefit to organizations.

  • Job Fair:

We organize job fairs where employers, recruiters and schools give information and are exposed to meet prospective job seekers. We create an ambiance where the employee-to-be could interface with potential co-workers, have an informed opinion, fill out resumes and freely ask questions on bordering issues and sum-up thoughts on the desired job.

  • Executive Search/ Headhunting:

We head-hunt Executives & attract job candidates with very specific skills to fill job vacancies at the Senior Management level. This requires discreet processes of personal approach to candidates and very conscious assessments and referencing. We recruit top executives for conglomerates and new start-ups.

  • Database Search

Talent drives organizations. We search our database 24/7 to ensure we provide our clients with exceptional talents and also provide window for clients to search our database to find candidates of their choice,

  • Interim Management: provides interim expert managers to organizations to achieve specific business objectives for up to a year. We have the capability and database of Specialist Managers.

  • Project Resourcing:

We profile staff for organizations from top to bottom-whether new projects or ventures, re-structured etc.

Management Trainee Employment Test:

We conduct Management Trainee Employment Tests for Companies.

Curriculum Vitae Services:

We assist individuals craft their CVs professionally so as to meet expected standard.

Candidate Assessment & Referencing: assesses candidates with appropriate psychometric assessment techniques and seek references. We do not underestimate or ignore information obtainable from reference checks to avoid the pitfalls of negligent hiring claims. cross-checks, verifies and confirm employee-to-be employment references before hiring by our clients.

Build Entrepreneur:

We build entrepreneurs via our training and development programmes

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