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The line between work and personal life has become more blurred. In the chaotic modern labor market, both workers and employers struggle to complete their work in a normal eight-hour day. Marriages break under the strain of constant work interruptions. The workplace has changed dramatically, and we need new skills to survive and thrive. The key question for you is: Do you want to take steps to create a more balanced and successful life? If so, here are some key skills you need to master.

1. Mentally Process Information Faster read more

How To Decide If You Should Start Or Let Go Of Your Startup Idea

Have you spent months thinking about whether you should pursue your idea and still not sure? You’re not the only one. If you’re eager and entrepreneurial, you know that this internal debate can be exhausting. On the one hand, it’s important to think and evaluate your endeavor. After all, you will be committing the next few years of your life to your business. On the other hand, it can feel like an endless thought process.

Bad timing is one of the most common reasons entrepreneurs delay pursuing their startup ventures. It can feel like there is always something more important to focus on. This is not to be confused with market timing which is an important execution factor that every entrepreneur should evaluate before starting. Timing and prioritization are just two examples why the decision making process to start a startup can go on for months and sometimes years. read more

From left: Director-General, International Organisation of Employers (IOE), Mr Roberto Suarez; Ngige; NECA President Taiwo Adeniyi; Ms Samuel-Olonjuwon and Executive Director, Federation of Kenya Employers, Jacqueline Mugo.

Minister of Labour and Productivity Dr. Chris Ngige has said the Federal Government is deeply concerned about the alarming unemployment rate on the continent.

He said it is working with African leaders to address the intractable unemployment challenge comprehensively and holistically through well targeted interventions.

Speaking at the sixth Africa Social Partners Summit on Job Creation in Africa, organised by the Nigeria Employers Consultative Council (NECA), at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Ngige said the government has reviewed the National Employment Policy. He said the review was borne out of the need to come up with additional strategies that would be adopted to further stimulate employment  and raise the labour absorption capacity of the  economy. read more

Nigeria’s leading financial institution, Zenith Bank Plc has introduced a new product, Z-Woman, which is focused on empowering female business owners.

No matter how agreeable you believe yourself to be, you’ll never be immune to interpersonal skills. The way you respond to them at work not only determines how your peers perceive you, but it also affects your ability to work, lead, and think effectively.

Surface disagreements, such as what to title a new project, aren’t likely to cause lasting issues. What does are personal disagreements: Ethical or values-based disputes often bleed through in small ways. Left unaddressed, they can put you and others in a constant state of stress.  read more

How to Use The Internet in Your Job Search

If you’re only searching for a job by checking the classifieds, asking your friends and looking for “help wanted” signs, you’re missing out on jobs that could be more better paying, more interesting and more fun than anything you’ve tried so far. Yes, competition is stiff on job websites. Online job searches play by different rules than traditional ones. But with a basic understanding of how to search and apply effectively, you can leap ahead of the competition and land in a job you’ll love. So read on to find out how to make online job searching work for you. read more

Book Review: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

In a nutshell: Real effectiveness comes from clarity about your principles, values, and vision. Change is only real if it has become habitual.


Stephen Covey’s book is one of the phenomena of modern personal development writing. It has sold a million copies a year since its release in 1989, has been translated into 32 languages, and forms the intellectual basis of a large corporation.

Covey drew a distinction between what he termed the ‘personality ethic’ (the quick-fix solutions and human relations techniques that had pervaded much of 20th century self-help writing) and the ‘character ethic’, which revolved around unchanging personal principles. read more

Should I Quit My Job if I Don’t Have Another One Lined Up?

Quitting your job. It’s an anxiety-inducing experience regardless of whether you’re moving on to something better or you have absolutely nothing else lined up. But, it’s definitely that latter category that leads to even more stress and chewed fingernails.

As someone who left the comfort and security of a full-time gig without another job waiting for her, I know just how much agonizing (and, uhh, nausea) goes into that decision.

And, the worst part? You’ll hear opinions and well-meaning advice from everyone. Some people will tell you that you’re crazy to even consider leaving a paycheck behind when you have no idea what’s next for you. Others? They’ll admire your bravery and admit they wish they had the courage you had. read more

Why Closure Is So Important For Moving On After Losing A Job

We’ve heard it a million times in a million different ways. You can’t embrace the future with one foot stuck in the past. You can’t go forward if you’re looking in the rear view mirror. You can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. The common theme is about the need to close out one chapter in order to embrace the next one.

There are three parts to this: 1) Accepting the need to close out a chapter; 2) Closing out the old chapter; 3) Moving on. read more

Five Things That Could Sink Your Company In The First Year

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve seen my fair share of ups and downs. With those ups and downs come the lessons, and the best education is experience. Most lessons I’ve learned as a founder or an advisor to startup companies were learned the hard way. I had companies in high school and have birthed many ideas since — some that were brought to life, some that died and some that thrived. I’ve made mistakes and watched others make the same ones. Most importantly, I’ve seen companies crash early on due to some recurring circumstances. read more

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