Team Building and Team Work


Preamble: People will forever live and work in groups. Leaders are challenged to ensure cohesion within these groups so as to achieve the group goals at least costs. This is what distinguishes leaders from drivers.


A Team is the assemblage of people who are selected specifically to accomplish a task goals or an objective within a given period. This could be called groups and they could either be formal; or informal.

Building is a process of arrangement and organisation of a structure for definite purpose.

Team Work is the interdependence and interrelationship of people working together to accomplish a task to achieve a goal. In essence, it calls for synergy or the joining of forces.

Team Building Process

  •  Identification of Task/Objectives.
  •  Determination of task roles and responsibilities.
  • Selection of Team Members
  • Appointment of Team Leaders and assignment of Roles, Responsibilities and Authority.
  • Team and individual grooming and empowerment.

Team Maintenance Roles

  • Ensure effective communication to and from all persons (formal – informal).
  • Ensure team and individual discipline and rules enforcement.
  • Grant relative freedom of activities.
  • Conflict resolution and the development of the group mind.
  • Maintain and monitor individual behaviors and performance for growth.
  • Motivate and Reward.
  • Review and Reposition.
  • Team Protection.

Why Team Work

With the realization that work in the organisation cannot be meaningfully done by one person, but by a team of people, we need to depend, assist, and corporate with each other to render complete service.

How we do it depends on our knowledge of the elements of work.

Elements of Teamwork

  1. Total knowledge and understanding of the goals/objectives.
  1. Proper assignment and understanding of rules and regulations.
  2. Training for skills and attitudes development.
  3. Appreciation and understanding of each other’s roles
  4. Greater acceptance and respect for each other.
  5. Regular communication and consultation within the group.
  6. A motivating and rewarding work environment.
  7. Group rewards rather than individual achievement rewards.
  8. Team protection from external forces.

Suggestions For Effective Team Building

  • Establish a work environment that is viewed as fair and equitable by employees.
  • Practice participation – listen to employees’ ideas and get them involved in planning.
  • Attempt to gain acceptance as group leader.

Written by: Kwame Asamoah

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