I founded and I have cherished this so much to the glory of God. I decided to have this job platform to simplify the twisted processes of finding the right jobs and candidates; provide equal opportunities and impact positively on individuals and organizations. I created this job market, to provide information on available job openings, attract suitable job candidates and invite potential employers to connect with exceptional talents. It is a fast growing Nigerian job market.

Since I left the management consulting environment some six years back now, after about two decades hands-on experiences, I have been receiving calls from individuals whom I was opportuned to assist with jobs. They have always appreciated the supports, left messages and prayed for me. It did not stop there, at every turn people/ referrals come to me or call for JOBS! I have had great passion for this profession (as it gave me great joy) and I have had the dream of having a good job site like this. Thank God we have a good one today.

This project took some time and it came with great challenges from the day of conception. I had paid a web designer who did nothing till date and also another who did a very BAD job and I had had to abandon the site. I decided to learn it myself.

I felt encouraged when I met the Executive Director of               Endy InfoTech Global Services who designed this website. We worked closely together to put up this website. They are real professionals! Ever since then, they have been there for us providing technical supports. I appreciate their brotherly love and we have them as technical partners.