How It Works


First Option:

You can post your job directly to us without registration

Use this link to post a job to us. Post A Job Without Registration

We will review it and list it if it meets our requirements.


Second Option:

If you own a company/ business, to get your jobs or vacancies

listed on our website, please register as an Employer

via this link Employer Registration .

After Registration, you will be prompted to your dashboard

Fill in your company details and start posting jobs.





Option One:

As a jobseeker, you can submit your CV to us without registration .

We will match your CV with available jobs or connect you to our clients

who would require your services.

Click here to Submit your CV


Option Two:

You can register as a candidate on our website

via this link Candidate Registration.

Fill in your bio data,  qualifications and attach your CV on your profile

This will expose you to our wide range of employers

You can easily apply for listed jobs


Option Three:

We list latest jobs on our site and provide links to apply

either through the employers email, application form or websites.



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